Becoming a LuLaRoe Consultant

LuLaRoe was formed by a person known as DeAnne Stidham in the year 2003. This company is mainly focused on selling children and ladies clothing through a consultant network. Many of the LuLaRoe consultants sell their LuLaRoe products through social networks like Facebook and Instagram and also sell them in pop-up boutiques. This clothing has been greatly boosted by Patrick Winget who is a fashion designer, and he is very much known for designing designs for celebrities. This company is very well known for bashing women, and they seem very excited about the products provided. The taste of style provided in these companies will leave every new person desiring the products.

It is important however that we get some information about the company. This company is multi-level, and it uses a lot of network marketing so that it can get to its customers. It is possible for you to get to the company as one of the distributors who can help you to earn some commissions but in this case, you will need it be referred or sponsored by someone. You should be very cautious and diligent when choosing the right referrer or sponsor to assist you in the joining basically because you will want someone who will give you enough training on how to maximize your sales. Have a close contact with the sponsor. You can send them some queries, and this will assist you to see the level of commitment they have towards you.

There is a process that you will follow for you to become a LuLaRoe distributor. To get more information on this you are required to read about the company, create a new Gmail account and listen to the recorded call that gives an explanation on how to become a distributor. When you have got the right team that you can work together with, create an identification link that is unique and use the link to access your personal account creation portal.

When you have finished creating your account, ensure that you have completed the agreement for an independent consultant. Then create the products order that should be at least 350 from the different categories. Also, fill in the details of your bank and fill all the required forms. Scan all these documents that you have made and send them through the new email that you created. You will know that you are now part of the LuLaRoe team when the documents have been sent successfully and the receipt of the documents has been confirmed.

The process may be a bit lengthy, but it is worth the hustle. You will get a call, and it will confirm to you that your registration has been confirmed and you will also get your first order. This will require you to make some payments and then wait for the batch of clothes to get to you. The selling process commences as soon as you receive the clothes. From there now you will be able to make profits from the commissions you get from selling the clothes. You can be assured of large volume sales since LuLaRoe has already established its market.